Standard First Aid (A&C)

This two-day course covers all the skills in Emergency First Aid plus First Aid for other injuries and illnesses including head and spinal injuries, fractures of the upper and lower limbs. This course includes Level A CPR training and certification, for adults, as well as AED training and certification.

ASC can meet all your First Aid needs and can offer teach the Standard First Aid Course with Leve C CPR – including child, infant and two rescuer training.

Who should apply?

Emergency First Aid is recommended for any individuals interested in the security industry – the basic knowledge is a benefit when looking for employment and prepares the professional security worker.

Standard First Aid covers emergency First Aid and takes a more advanced stream recommended for those conducive to bone and joint injuries.

Emergencies are just that, and being prepared to handle medical emergencies can mean the difference between life and death.

Enroll now, classes are open to everyone!