Loss Prevention Security Professional

Loss prevention is the act of reducing theft and shrinkage within a business.  ASC’s Loss Prevention Course is designed to give the student all the understanding and tools necessary to launch a career in to Loss Prevention.

The program is designed to give the student both the conceptual knowledge and practical skill required to begin in Loss Prevention.

The ASC Loss Prevention Course topics include: the role of the Loss Prevention Security Professional, developing the modern skill set, practical field exercises to hone trade craft, surveillance tactics, interviewing methods, identifying criminal offences, search and seizure, tactical handcuffing, power of arrest and coordinating with Law Enforcement.

The Basic LPS Course is a five-day course covering the aforementioned topics based out of ASC headquarters. Students will complete field practical exercises and receive a Certified Loss Prevention Security certificate upon successful completion. The ASC LPS Course is in compliance with Bill 10 Legislation and was created by a team of highly experienced and credible instructors.

The LPS certification is a specialized stream of security services requiring a more advanced, technical skill set. This option is ideal for the individual seeking a more dynamic career as a Security Professional. Working in Loss Prevention utilizes the distinctive skills taught in the LPS course that will bridge into a career focused on Law Enforcement or Advanced Security Services.

ASC is dedicated to the education of advanced Security Professionals and is currently finalizing the Loss Prevention Team Leader Course. This course will prepare LPS’s for supervisor and management positions, and will be available at ASC this fall!