About Us


The Alberta Security College is the benchmark of professionalism and quality training in the security industry. Currently operating out of Calgary, Alberta, ASC was designed to provide a comprehensive academy for individuals interested in pursuing a career in security. Our qualified instructors, tried and tested training courses, and advanced course streams position ASC as a life-long learning partner in the security services career path.

ASC is setting the standards high for not only their students, but all other facilitators and educators in the security services industry. We are raising the bar on quality and accountability by offering the best training possible.

Premiere training begins with the best instructors – and ASC boasts educators who have a spectrum of real-life experience in the advanced security field. ASC instructors are former Canadian Forces Members, or former Police Service. Certified in an array of basic courses through our advanced specialized courses, our educators ensure a challenging, comprehensive, and fun curriculum.


To prepare students for the workforce, ASC has delegated an administrative team to accompany students through the licensing process. After Bill 10 was implemented July 1, 2010, all security workers must have a Security Workers License (www.gov.ab.ca.). ASC will aid each student in the completion of their security licenses application – ensuring the forms will not be returned due to error. ASC also can work with Calgary Police Service to provide a CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) report which acts as a background check – an integral part in the security services industry. ASC commits to preparing all students for the workforce!


ASC is dedicated to student’s success – we start with training, equip licensees and finally, we can help with finding a job! ASC is the launching point for individuals interested in a lucrative career in the security services field, but also doubles as the one-stop shop for industry hiring needs. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders see graduates move from the classroom into the workforce with ease.

ASC facilitates the hiring process. We invite security industry leaders to come in to our classrooms to conduct interviews and initiate the hiring process.


ASC will enhance excellence in security by building the best trained security professionals in the industry.


  • Provide excellent training
  • Provide Job opportunities
  • Provide well trained security workers to security employers.
  • Contribute to the long-term career development of our graduates.